What items are you flying with? It doesn't matter if it's medical devices, electronic equipment, lab equipment or construction materials, we can help. RDU Delivered will transport your belongings to or from Raleigh-Durham International Airport for a great price.

We guarantee safe delivery of your items, even if they're fragile. Learn more about Raleigh-Durham International Airport logistics in Raleigh, NC by calling 919-758-9462 today.

Simplify your travel plans with RDU logistics

Save money on your move by choosing logistics services from RDU Delivered. Instead of shipping your baggage, equipment or devices, you can fly with them! Count on us to:

Coordinate airport times with you.

Pack up your belongings upon request.

Transport your items to the airport.

We can also pick up and move equipment that's flying into RDU. Call 919-758-9462 today for more information about RDU logistics in Raleigh, NC. When you call, ask about our auto transportation services.