If your company is relocating, you need a dependable moving company to handle all the heavy lifting. Call RDU Delivered for the job. Our strong, personable and efficient staff is ready to help. We can handle anything from moving a few cubicles and computers to relocating an entire office. We also help with retail moves.

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3 reasons to hire an experienced commercial moving company

Experience matters when it comes to moving retail or office spaces. You need a company that can pack and transport all your equipment with care and precision. Choose RDU Delivered because:


We have long-term contracts with major retailers, so we have experience moving machinery and important equipment.


We can move and pack office supplies, conference tables, display cases and any other equipment you need to move.


We have a strong staff of former college athletes. They will be able to lift and pack all your items appropriately so nothing shifts or breaks during the move.

Call 919-758-9462 now to book an appointment with a commercial moving company in Raleigh, NC.